About us

Since 1995 Furnistore has been finding new homes for your unwanted bric-a-brac, soft furnishings, kitchen appliances and furniture. After being collected from all over East Surrey, our wide range of good quality donated items are shown some love from volunteers before we offer them to you at an affordable price, and at a discounted price for those on means tested benefits. To find out more about recycling and ‘upcycling’ visit our Remade in Redhill page.

As a registered charity we aim to support our community by providing affordable household goods, providing support and work experience for volunteers, and diverting the amount of appliances and furniture going to landfill. We’re passionate about the environment and helping those in need. Donating to Furnistore means fewer unnecessary things going to landfill, and more beautiful, hand-finished and affordable items being available to the community.

Every sale from our warehouse stock helps us to continue to support families in need and cover our running costs.

So, no matter how you choose to help, those most in need will benefit.

To find out more about volunteering visit our volunteers page.

Our Policies can be viewed on here: Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.