Remade in Redhill

Our goal is for Furnistore to become East Surrey's premier 'Reuse Centre'. We hope it can become a hub for residents who want to learn more about how they can benefit from recycling and learn new skills in the process.

Remade in Redhill

"Upcycling is not one craft or skill. It is using what you have to make something else or improving something that would otherwise be thrown away. The craft could be metalwork, carpentry, needlework, knitting or painting but there is no one craft of upcycling. There is no right way or wrong way. It is all about making something beautiful, unique and functional from something previously unloved."

– Jenny, manager at Furnistore

We've been restoring and repairing furniture for years. At our warehouse, dull and unwanted items are given a new lease of life by dedicated volunteers. It's a win–win–win process that means unloved but charming furniture avoids the tip, volunteers learn skills that may lead to full time employment, and the public are offered beautiful pieces at a discounted price!

And if you thought our Remade in Redhill event is just about upcycling furniture, think again! This rucksack, the tote bags and the book cover are all made from curtains we had in stock!

Remade in Redhill inset 1

Remade in Redhill inset 2

Remade in Redhill inset 3