Who are we?

Furnistore was founded in 1995 to meet a specific need in our community.

Since then we have worked tirelessly to find new homes for good quality pre-owned furniture, appliances, bric-a-brac and soft furnishings.

In our iconic green Furnistore van, we collect a wide range of different items donated by members of the public from all over East Surrey. Most of these items are of high quality and in good condition but, if needed, they are shown some love and attention by our volunteers before they are made freely available to those in need or offered on sale at an affordable price. We do not believe that, just because an individual is facing financial difficulties, they should receive poor quality or sub-standard furniture or household items.

Our first priority is to gift items that we collect, free of charge, to families most in need in our community. This need may have arisen due to a council housing situation, homelessness, refuge, or because individuals or families have fallen on hard times.

We offer the remaining items at a 50% discount price to anyone who is on means tested benefits.

Any other member of the public, who is not on benefits, can also purchase from a wide range of good-quality furniture and household items from Furnistore at extremely affordable, but undiscounted, prices.

All proceeds from the sale of our stock goes towards the running of the charity and enables us to help those in most need.

As a registered charity our three key aims are:

  • to support our community by providing affordable furniture and household goods to those in need,
  • to provide support and work experience for volunteers, of all capabilities, many of whom are able to obtain paid work after volunteering with us, and
  • to divert furniture and household goods to re-use, preventing them from going to landfill.

We are passionate about the environment, helping those in need, and supporting our volunteers, and have a no-waste and economically self-sustaining business model to enable us to do this.

Our policies can be viewed here: privacy policy and cookie policy

In 2019…

Furnistore helped

low-income families to obtain essential furniture items

provided valuable work
experience to


Furnistore diverted

tonnes of
unwanted furniture
from landfill

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